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Trademark as a tool for business promotion through marketplaces

Intellectual property objects, which include trademarks, can contribute not only to the protection of business, but also to its development. For example, it is impossible to work on some popular marketplaces without trademark. You can check your designation and register a trademark before entering the marketplaces using the GardiumPRO platform, which will be presented at the international conference Distant&Digital.

The issue of scaling the business and attracting a new consumer audience is relevant for any industry. One of the available ways to do this is to enter the marketplace, an online trading platform. Popular marketplaces always get the first positions in the issuance of search queries, millions of users are looking for goods and services on them.

To make access to the marketplace as safe and useful as possible, it is important to take care of registering your designation as a trademark in advance. Otherwise, the business is threatened with financial and reputational losses. Marketplaces, from OZON and Wildberries to SberMegaMarket and AliExpress, are trying to relieve themselves of responsibility for violations of IP rights on their sites as much as possible. Violators not only have to deal with all claims on their own, but also have to compensate for the damage to the site – the corresponding clause in the contract is often not even noticed.  

Besides, some marketplaces do not allow sellers without the right to use the trademark on their platform. Such strict requirements are imposed, for example, by Yandex.Market, Lamoda, AliExpress. The policy of OZON and Wildberries in this matter is more flexible: the seller has the opportunity to provide the site with documents confirming the right to the mark after starting work. But they will still be necessary in the end.

You can check your designation and even register it before entering these trading platforms using the GardiumPRO service. This is a specially designed platform for effective IP management, which includes a management system that allows you to carry out all operations with IP easily and conveniently. It also includes the ability to search for trademarks and designations under consideration and apply for registration directly from your personal account.

The presentation of the GardiumPRO service will be held at the stand of Gardium on both days of the Distant&Digital conference – October 28-29. Gardium is a partner of the conference.


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