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Historical chronicle becomes available to the creative community

Russian archive newsreel Net-Film became a hub blokcheyn - infrastructure IPChain . Now all users will be able to view materials for free in the film archives of Net-Film and the State Film Fund. By capturing rights information on the IPChain network , they can instantly conclude a digital contract and purchase a license for the commercial use of high-definition video.


Network IPChain , being social and public intellectual blokcheynom helps its members to quickly make deals with the rights and create additional guarantees for the protection of any of the results of creative activity, no matter how right - copyright, or patent - they called and guarded.


Together, the parties intend to achieve several goals. First, to enable the acquirers of rights to easily find and use materials of historical and cultural heritage in the huge array of data of the participants of the entire network. Secondly, to popularize among directors, producers, clip-makers, creative entrepreneurs, digital services for the management and protection of photo, film and video collections , including state archives. At the same time, the partners plan to increase the amount of extra-budgetary receipts to the Gosfilmo Fund by increasing the volume of concluded licenses and, as a result, to increase the amount of contributions to authors of works.


C OOPERATION with IPChain opens up new possibilities for the creation of a transparent online-registry and operational control, checks the legitimacy of the license for archival materials - explained the CEO of Net-Film Marina Gridina : "At the same time we will ensure that the privacy of the buyer of the license will be retained as much as possible. At his discretion, he will be able, for example, to hide information about the transaction, but the data on its completion will remain open . "


Access to the conclusion of transactions in the electronic register IPChain through Net-Film services will be able to obtain not only state archives, film and television companies, but also any other owners of rights to audiovisual works, including individuals: the Net-Film portal provides an opportunity to download any video and photo content . There are two conditions - the conclusion of the user agreement and the availability of the necessary documents confirming the copyright for the content.


License agreements with copyright holders will be concluded in digital format “in one click”. In turn, the owners of the rights will be guaranteed to receive remuneration for the use of archival materials, newsreels and documentaries - explained Andrey Krichevsky, President of the IPChain Association , Chairman of the RSPP Committee on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries : “More and more consumers in the Russian audiovisual business are legally using licensed materials from the state archives and funds. Now they have every opportunity to conclude digital contracts with copyright holders. Such transactions do not take long and they have already become a priority and convenient way to ensure the protection of their intellectual rights in the digital environment. " 


The transition from paper contracts to smart contracts not only meets the needs of creative business, but also expands its capabilities ─ contributes to the formation of added value of products, scaling projects and entering foreign markets. The first 5 thousand transactions on rights and deals of the Net-Film service have already been placed in the IPChain blockchain infrastructure , added Andrey Krichevsky .


Soon, even greater detailing of digital contracts will become possible, said Sergei Gorokhov , Deputy Director General of the State Archives of the Republic of Tatarstan : “In a matter of seconds, it will be possible to obtain a license not only for video materials, but also for audio content - both archival and music from films. Smart contacts will independently obtain the necessary rights and carry out mutual settlements with the Russian Copyright Society , one of the accredited organizations for the management of rights on a collective basis . "


Net-Film has placed in IPChain not only its own documentary films , but also the audiovisual content of the State Archives of the Republic of Tatarstan. The digital rights registry will make it easier for film archivists to identify the copyright holders of audio recordings, and are already making big plans. “We have a difficult job: the record library of the State Archives of the Republic alone contains 150 thousand accounting units, including musical works of large form and famous Tatar composers (symphonies, concerts) performed by famous musicians , and national folklore, recordings of broadcasts from the A cademic opera theater and ballet them. Musa Jalil , To the onservatory named after N. Zhiganova , Tatar variety art and much more - everything accumulated by the State TV company " Tatarstan " . The earliest magnetic recording of the music library dates back to 1949, ” explained Sergei Gorokhov .


Gosfilmofond, in partnership with IPChain, has comprehensively approached the organization of convenient and legal use of Russian film heritage , noted the first deputy general director of the Gosfilmofond Roman Chistyakov : “Our task is to increase the number of film archive services provided in digital format. To this end, we are creating a distributed register of rights, which will allow not only to transfer all transactions to the online format and speed up the process of obtaining licenses, but also to automate the monitoring of violations in relation to the collections belonging to our archive ”. The GFF also plans to provide users with online access to information and statistics on who, when, for how long and in what territory the copyright is granted.

The use of digital solutions for the management and protection of rights to state collections is a logical continuation of the work on digitizing the film archives of the State Film Fund within the framework of the National Project "Culture". The totality of all measures, as well as the Gosfilmofond's plans for a large-scale digital restoration of archival films, will ultimately make the country's film heritage available to all lovers and researchers of Russian cinema, summed up Roman Chistyakov .


In June this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of a public-state organization "Russian Center for the Circulation of Rights to the Results of Creative Activities." Its key function is to support the connection of corporate and public services and platforms owned by public and private companies to the IPChain infrastructure . Among the founders of the Russian Center were the Ministry of Digital Industry and the IPChain Association . Thus, the IPChain network has become a nationwide infrastructure for the circulation and protection of rights to the results of creative activity.


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