Distant & Digital – Крупнейшая международная конференция по развитию сферы интеллектуальной собственности и LegalTech

Gardium to present the brand-new all-purpose service to optimize the work with IP

New features and approaches to IP management will be one of the most important topics of the international educational conference Distant&Digital. The conference will be held in Moscow on October 28-29. Gardium Patent and Law Bureau, the official partner of the conference, will present a brand-new digital platform for working with intellectual property objects — the GardiumPRO service.

GardiumPRO is a digital platform with the all-purpose functionality that is necessary to the most efficient IP management. The service consists of the all-purpose management system, which could make all of the operations with IP easier, and informative trademark search engine. The search engine of GardiumPRO is also available singly, it is the GardiumOnline service.

A thorough trademark check before filing an application for registration is necessary. Recently, Rospatent has become more likely to refuse to register designations. In 2020, the number of refusals increased by 16.61% compared to 2019. In absolute terms, that is 12,258 failures in 2020 versus 10,512 negative decisions in 2019.

Such an increase of refusals may indicate that Rospatent has become more accurate and careful in studying the applications, checking designations and excluding descriptive trademarks that can interfere with the competitors’ activities and mislead consumers.

Despite some of the refusals seeming to be contradictory to the previous ones in similar cases, the preparatory check could minimize the risk of refusal.

Demonstration of the GardiumPRO service will be at the Gardium’s conference stand any time on October 28-29.

Gardium Patent and Law Bureau is in Top-15 market leaders according to the leading legal ratings. Gardium has a 17 years history of protecting clients’ interests in Russia and all over the world.


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