Distant & Digital – Крупнейшая международная конференция по развитию сферы интеллектуальной собственности и LegalTech

Garant is to cover the topic of remote work organisation and show the latest digital tools in the legal sphere

Day 1: the speech “Increasing the efficiency of the legal function in companies in the context of a remote work”

Day 2: the workshop “Garant: digital tools of a present-day lawyer” 

Since 1990, Garant has been developing and implementing the advanced digital legal solutions for experts throughout Russia, starting from the legal research system GARANT. A new service line has been developed within the recent project GARANT-LegalTech, expanding the possibilities of lawyers, accountants, HR, work safety and state procurement specialists, in synergy with the legal research system.

The speech will give you a view of the gained experience and new functionality in the following areas: 

  • Forming of a local legal base of a company
  • Remote advanced training
  • Support for lawyers in the industrial and taxation areas
  • Efficient search of criminal precedents
  • Making an automatically updatable legal website section
  • Real-time automated monitoring of the events related to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Speaker – Petr Kondrashov, GARANT-LegalTech project manager.

At the workshop, the participants will have the chance to be the first to witness the live functioning of the recent developments of the company: the service “Business under control” and the plugin “Making of the website legal section”. The workshop will be given by Petr Kondrashov together with Anastasiya Yasenitskaya, the methodologist of the Corporate Relations Department.

For all professionals interested in development and increase of the work efficiency, a display stand will be available for testing and gaining access to all latest GARANT developments.


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