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DM Solutions announces the new toolkit for lawyers

DM Legal, DM Solutions’ division responsible for the implementation of intellectual services in the LegalTech and RegTech segments, released a new specialized product for reviewing regulatory documents.

In the area of rule-making, both state and corporate, there is a lot of work that requires prolonged concentration on large texts, remembering the linkages between different documents, avoidance of errors, duplication and contradictions. Such tasks can be performed by artificial intelligence. It will save time, release resources from routine tasks for more intellectual activity, and reduce the number of errors based on the human factor.

We analyzed the work of lawyers who often have to create new legal documents, examine internal regulatory documents, including technical ones, laws of various levels of government, orders, administrative documents, as well as bring various regulatory documents into line with each other, and developed a solution that can speed up the work and make a lawyer’s life easier.

In a large company, the number of regulatory documents only at the top level of management can reach tens of thousands. We met examples with 10,000 to 25,000 documents. In governmental structures, these numbers can be even higher.

Some of these documents are created on the basis of existing ones with some added content. Example: instructions relating to the same object of regulation; or construction standards and regulations. The original documents may change over time. But these changes risk not getting into their derivatives, for example, if new documents were transferred under responsibility of a different department. As a result, you can meet inconsistencies and even contradictions between 2 document versions.

The process of reconciliation and alignment is usually referred to as harmonization. As a rule, during such work, it is necessary not only to track inconsistencies and make changes, but also to create one document instead of several different ones - to consolidate them. A typical example of the inventory, harmonization and consolidation of the regulatory framework is the so-called “regulatory guillotine”, announced as part of the CND reform in 2019. To appreciate the scale of the task, imagine that just listing almost 20,000 Soviet regulations that were supposed to be repealed from February 1, 2020 resulted in 1992 pages.

A new toolkit "Regulatory Acts Review Tool" will help to solve a similar problem. Empowered with the artificial intelligence technologies it will allow the expert to quickly analyze the regulatory framework, which:

  • will show discrepancies in terms, norms wordings, contradictions;
  • identify all documents and provisions related to the area of regulation, check and highlight the changes made, and also show cascading links to other acts;
  • determine in which areas of law there are similar objects of regulation and which legal acts regulate them.

As a result, you:

  • Will be able to minimize manual information processing operations, reduce personnel costs and eliminate possible errors based on the human factor;
  • Reduce transaction costs within your organization. Different divisions will not have to waste time figuring out whose wording is more correct, everything will be streamlined and structured, possible double perception is eliminated;
  • Improve the quality of the already existing regulatory framework by easily comparing previously published documents with each other.


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